In December 2019, an e-commerce company featuring three unique products in the interior décor/home materials business wanted to optimize their website to show up higher in searches for a trending marketplace.

After a complete SEO audit, Digitable implemented a content and technical strategy to begin moving their website up in ranking, competing with not only direct competitors but also big box stores like Home Depot and Amazon.

The website began to start moving quickly and within three months, saw dramatic results.

In May, the average position of organic keywords had increased by over 33%. Total orders from organic search traffic increased by 1408% year-over-year in May 2020.

The products have some seasonality, so to see true growth, looking at results year-over-year gives an apples-to-apples comparison.

A year later, organic search impressions grew by 264% in December 2020, compared to December 2019.

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