January 5, 2021

Case Studies

Case Study: 22k+ New Visitors To Website With Free Advertising For Nonprofits

Hear how one nonprofit was able to bring awareness of their organization to over 22,000 new people internationally. Read the case study here.


Nonprofit: 2400+ New Visitors In 6 Month With Google Grant Account

google grants account ad spend

What would be the value of gaining over 5,000 new visitors to your nonprofit’s website in a year? That amounts to 5,000 fresh eyes on your organization’s brand, learning about opportunities to participate, volunteer and donate.

Working with a camp for the disabled in Texas, Digitable has been able to help them do just that. This, in turn, increased the number of people interested in their programs, volunteer opportunities and donating.

Read more about the results here.

E-Commerce SEO: 264% Increase in Organic Search Impressions.

Hear about an e-Commerce business that implemented SEO and saw a 264% increase in search impressions year-over-year and saw a 1408% increase in transactions from organic search year-over-year.

Read more about the results here.

Nonprofit SEO: 200% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

A regional youth traveling sports program was not ranking for any keywords. An SEO audit was completed and some simple SEO optimization was implemented. The keywords targeted were only slightly competitive but were invaluable to the mission of the program.

Their top three keywords went from not being in the top 100 positions on Google, to being on the first page within two weeks. Shortly after, they ranked #1 for all three keywords and stayed there for two years without any other SEO implementation. Many additional important keywords continue to have them positioned on page 1 or 2 of Google searches.

Immediately after implementing SEO content, their organic traffic increased by 200%.