$100 to Almost $10k in 3 Months With Google Ad Grants

Disabilities Camp

Industry: Nonprofit

Services Used: Google Ad Grants

increase in monthly Google Grant spend after 3 months
0 %
Increase in site clicks within 5 months
0 %
new visitors to the site over a 9 month period

The Client

What would be the value of gaining over 5,000 new visitors to your nonprofit’s website in a year? That amounts to 5,000 fresh eyes on your organization’s brand, learning about opportunities to participate, volunteer and donate.

Working with a camp for the disabled in Texas, Digitable has been able to help them do just that. This, in turn, increased the number of people interested in their programs, volunteer opportunities, and donating.

The Solution

When they came to Digitable, the camp had been maintaining their Google Grans account on their own for a couple years. They were only spending about $100 a month of the $10,000 a month of free ad spend available with Google Grants

At that level of ad spend, they weren’t seeing much use for the grant. However, after applying keyword research and campaign strategizing, Digitable was able to increase that ad spend. 

The Success

Within just three months, the camp was spending almost all of its $10,000 a month in Google Grant advertising. Once the Google Grants account was spending nearly $10,000 a month, we shifted to our next goal. That goal was to increase site traffic and in turn, increase conversions.

There are many tactics employed to help gain more traffic by reducing the average cost per click. With the optimization of the account, came more clicks – an 88% increase in clicks within 5 months in fact.

That has equated to 3,885 new visitors to the site from Google Grants in the first nine months of working on the account. These visitors are individuals who have searched for keywords related to disabilities activities, volunteering, or donating and had not been to the camp’s website before – likely not knowing the organization and its mission until then.

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