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Are you looking for help with obtaining a Google Grant for your nonprofit organization? Or maybe you have gotten a Google Grant and are having trouble getting your account to spend money? Possibly your Google Grant has been suspended due to performance issues?

We are experts at Google Grants and making accounts spend their allotment and perform above Google’s standards. We can help you get a Google Grant and maintain it.

Schedule a free Google Grants consultation. Before your consultation, we’ll figure out if Google Grants is right for your organization, and if you have the potential to spend a good chunk of the $10,000 of monthly ad grant money. During the consultation, we’ll talk to you about what it takes to obtain a Google Grant, your potential to spend the grant money, and if we are a good fit for helping you utilize Google Grants to it’s maximum capacity. We’ll also walk you through our simple fee structure so you have all the information you need.

If you decide to work with Digitable to obtain and maintain your Google Grants, you can rest assured we will work to get the grant and bring you ongoing results from the grant.

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