April 30, 2020

Google Grants For Churches & Ministries

Google Grants can provide growth in awareness, visits, funding & attendance for churches, ministries & other religious organizations.

Did you know that many nonprofit groups, including churches, ministries & religious organizations, can get up to $10,000 a month in free search ads? If you aren’t aware of Google Grants, it is time for your organization to take advantage of the generosity of Google.

Guide To Google Grants For Nonprofits

Download Our Free Guide To Google Grants For Churches & Ministries

We’ve created a guide to help answer your questions about Google’s ad grant program. While Google Grants can be hard to manage, our experts have answered the top questions we receive on the basics of grants for Google Ads.

Download this free guide today. Find out how your church or ministry can get $10,000 a month in free search ads!

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This guide will talk about things like:
  • How to become a Google For Nonprofits user.
  • The requirements for getting an advertising grant from Google.
  • How to apply for a Google Grant.
  • How to structure your Google Ads account for approval by Google.
  • The rules once you are approved.
  • Ideas for how to best spend all of your ad grant money each month.