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The Client

At the end of a year, people tend to reflect on growth. Things that went well, things that could be improved, the fun moments, the learning moments, etc.

At Digitable, we do the same with our clients. As a digital marketing agency, we like to promote the free advertising for nonprofits offered through Google Ad Grants, and more importantly, the results we can derive from it.

It can seem like rocket science to increase traffic and bring your nonprofit to the forefront when looking at the big picture. Today we want to show some results that we were able to obtain after our first year of working with an international professional association – IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS).

EMBS is well-known among many professionals in the biomedical industry. Still, many don’t know about the organization or haven’t taken the steps to research the organization. In addition, EMBS holds several conferences and publishes many industry publications.

The Solution

Google Ad Grants offer $10,000 per month of free advertising for nonprofits that have been approved for the program. While how much of that free advertising dollars can be spent depends on a variety of factors, many nonprofits have trouble utilizing the entire ad spend.

Our first goal with working with a nonprofit new to Google Grants is utilizing as much of that ad grant money as possible. That drives a lot of free brand awareness for people who are searching for things related to your organization. By utilizing the grant for both specific and more generic searches, nonprofits are able to bring people in who are looking for their particular offerings while also bringing in new audiences of people who may be searching for something related to the offerings but not aware of the organization.

The Success

Over our first year with this client, we were able to spend almost all of the available grant money each month – totaling over $117,000 in free advertising for this nonprofit in a year.

Bringing awareness of the organization, and its conferences and publications is a top goal. A good metric for visualizing growth is through website visits, but in their case, new visitors were even more critical. By utilizing as much of the free ad spend as available, we saw 42,367 visits to the website.

New visitors to the website, though, totaled 22,765 unique visitors – an extraordinary amount of new people interacting with the nonprofit’s website, helping them gain brand awareness and potential new members.

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