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Ready to start using your Google Ad Grant to its maximum potential?

Digitable’s Google Ad Grants Management Services Include:

Digitable specializes in working with nonprofit organizations to get them started on Google Grants. And then, as part of our Google Grants management services, continually working to improve how their ad grant performs.


Want to increase your awareness? Gain more volunteers? Get more donations? We setup Google Grants to track your goals and see how that free advertising is helping your organization.


The rules and techniques for Google Grant management are unique compared to other search advertising. Because of this, our ad specialists are trained in tasks that are performed on an ongoing basis that are unique to Google Grants and help improve performance.


All of our managed Google Grant accounts receive monthly reports, so you are able to see the impact of the Google Grant to your organization.

You likely have ended up here because you’ve received a Google Grant but don’t know how to best use it and want a partner to help you maximize its potential. Or you’ve heard about the Google Ad Grant program but aren’t sure how to get approved and setup. Let’s talk about it.

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Your consultation will assess where you are with Google Grants, your potential with Google Grants, and if Digitable is a good match to help you grow your ad grant. You’ll also hear about Digitable’s Google Grant management options.

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Learn About Google Grants For Nonprofits

Your nonprofit could qualify for $10,000 a month in free digital advertising. We’ve compiled all of our best tips on getting started in this guide.


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