3 Top Strategies In Digital Marketing For eCommerce

Not all industries are created the same in the strategies they should implement for online marketing. ECommerce may be one of the most unique and challenging industries to grow online – and the challenge is what we love about implementing digital marketing for eCommerce websites.

While the variety of products being sold online can dictate using one method of online marketing over another, we’ve found these strategies are some of the top ways to market eCommerce online.

1. Shopping Ads

Formerly known as product listing ads, shopping ads appear in search results for product-specific searches. These are pay-per-click ads, paid for by the company advertising the product through platforms like Google Ads and Bing/Yahoo/Microsoft Ads.

What is great about shopping ads is that they give so much information to the consumer before they even click on the product, saving companies money by sending only the people in the marketing for that specific item with that specific price to the site.

ecommerce strategies shopping ads

2. Abandoned Cart Emails

Depending on your shopping platform’s checkout system, you can possibly utilize abandoned cart emails to your advantage.

Say someone is interested in your items and puts them in the cart. They may next begin to checkout and enter an email address to find out the total cost of their order. These are serious buyers but something may stop them from going further.

Now that your system has their email address and knows what they’ve put in their cart, an email can be sent to remind them of their purchase left in the cart. This is a great opportunity to send them an offer or special discount to come back and purchase the items.

3. Product Page Optimization

One of the biggest drop-offs at eCommerce websites is at the product page. Lack of information and imagery can leave a consumer asking questions that go unanswered about your product. The more detail the better.

Optimization can also happen with other questions consumers can have – What is the cost of shipping? How long will the item take to get to me? What is the return policy? There are a lot of questions consumers have. Make sure that information is readily available to them.

Other strategies in digital marketing for eCommerce websites that can bring results include:

  • social media optimization and advertising (depending on the product and target audience) on platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook.
  • remarketing ads to those who abandon items in the cart.
  • search advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • email marketing to your consumer base.
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