How Digitable Does SEO Audits & Strategies

SEO audits & strategies

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a set of techniques designed to enhance your website’s visibility and ranking in search engine result pages, such as Google or Bing. Some of these techniques include keyword research, keyword optimization, website optimization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinking, and technical SEO, just to name a few. The best techniques for your website can be identified when an SEO audit and strategy plan is completed.

By optimizing your website through these strategies, you increase its relevance, visibility, and authority within the search engines, which ultimately drives more organic traffic to your website. With more traffic you get more results, a larger online presence, and ultimately, closer to your goals. Pretty cool right?

We’ve seen clients achieve 228% increases in organic traffic from implementing SEO and 4x their revenue from SEO.

Why Is Working On SEO Important?

If you’re still wondering why having great SEO is important, here are a few reasons to help explain:
SEO enhances the user experience by ensuring that websites are technically sound, cross-device friendly, and easy to use. This helps your website gain more quality visibility, which is crucial to growth and generating organic traffic.
Organic traffic is often as valuable as anything you pay for because it’s targeted and driven by the user actively looking for something relating to your brand. But then there are no ads to pay for. It is free organic traffic. Therefore, by maximizing organic traffic there is a higher probability you will reach those marketing ROI goals you have set.
Lastly, SEO helps build credibility and trust between users, your website, and the search engine. Trust that your page runs smoothly and that your website’s information is valuable and related to specific keywords. By doing this it increases the number of relevant users to your platform, which again, will show positive results for your business or organization.

Our Approach to SEO Audits and Strategies

For us here at Digitable, we pride ourselves on delivering on the benefits of what great SEO work has to offer.

The first steps we take to working with clients on their SEO is to start with an SEO Audit, to gain an understanding of where they currently are in rankings, what areas need the most assistance, where they want to be, what their competitors are doing, and if there are any missed opportunities in the market.

Following this is an SEO strategy. This is where we map out the steps needed to take to move up in search rankings. Strategies that we suggest vary, based on where a client is in their SEO journey, the opportunities available, what they hope to accomplish with SEO, and how well the website is optimized.

Our SEO strategies come with a to-do list that clients can either implement themselves, or they can utilize our services to get those plans in place. They come with on-site optimizations, technical optimizations, and off-site optimizations.

Each audit and strategy is personalized to the client’s needs, which allows for the most optimal results. Overall, great SEO isn’t just a technical checklist; it’s a strategic investment that aligns your website with your business objectives and can instrumentally impact your future endeavors.

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